Monday, November 19, 2012

cat's whiskers/ Kumis Kucing (Orthosiphon aristatus (B1) Miq.)

tanaman obat
Terna's herbal plants grow upright stems trunked bottom rectangle slightly grooved, drug plants have a single leaf round oval egg with rough serrated edge is irregular.

Interest on these cats kumus herbs such munitions out at the end of the branch with a pale purple or white color, the longer stamens of the flower tube, cat whiskers medicinal plants propagated by stem cuttings

30-60 grams of dry or wet 90-120 grams, boiled, or dry / wet brewed as a tea.

Nephritis, edema (swelling)

30 grams of cat whiskers, planto asiatica (leaf veins) 30 grams, Hedyotis diffusa. (grass snake tongue) 30 grams, boiled.

Urinary tract infections, frequent urination in small increments (Anyang-anyangan)

whiskers, meniran, Commelina communis, each 30 grams, boiled.

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