Monday, November 19, 2012

Yellow Cempaka medicinal plants (Miche! he champaca L.)

tanaman obat Cempaka Kuning (Miche!ia champaca L.)

Yellow Cempaka medicinal plants (Miche! he champaca L.) grow up to 15-25 feet tall, these herbs have the end of the branch-haired with a pointed stem leaves ovate,

Flower stand alone, fragrant orange. herbal plant breeding with more than 20 pieces, cramped flat egg shape, hair, green, and pale gray, covered in acne. Dark red ripe seeds hanging out, these medicinal plants from India.

Kidney Stones

Cempaka Yellow leaves 1 handful fresh, Turmeric rhizome 1 finger, Water taste, Dipipis, drink 1 a day 1/4 cup, repeat for 14 days.

Irregular Menstruation

Bark Yellow Cempaka 4 grams, Jung Rahab fresh leaves 5 ​​grams, 1-2 grams Fenugreek seeds, rhizomes Puzzle 4 grams, 110 ml water, boil, drink 1 a day 100 ml, for 3 days before menstruation comes and repeated until menstruation comes .

Breath / Oral Odor

Yellow Cempaka leaf fresh 5 grams, 3 grams Cardamom Fruit, Fresh Betel Leaves 2 pieces, Leaf Saga 5 grams, 120 ml water, boil, use a gargle and then swallowed 2 times a day, morning afternoon. Each disposable 100 ml, Repeated 7 days, 3 times a week for maintenance.

Flower read efficacy of medicinal plants At Eight (Turnera ulmifolia L.)

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